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14 Uses of honey that will heal and beautify your beauty

14 Uses of honey that will heal and beautify your beauty
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It is said that it is the nectar of the gods and symbolizes gentleness, happiness and longevity. It not only provides good taste that we love in the kitchen, but this natural antiseptic is also excellent to treat you and beautify you. An impressive collection composed of water, enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, minerals … are hiding there and waiting for you to take full advantage of them. Choose it as pure, untreated and local as possible and test this beneficial elixir.

1) For shiny hair like never before.


Dilute carefully 1 tablespoon of honey in 250 ml of hot water and rinse your hair then condition.

You can also put on your tips to nourish them.

2)An unmatched beauty mask for the face.

Mix a little honey and hot water in the palm of your hand and massage your face with this mixture. Leave a little and then rinse.

3) Against the parasites

Mix honey, water and vinegar in equal parts and consume this drink to hunt parasites.

4) Heal a cut


The use of honey on wounds is nothing new and is even a common procedure in some countries (eg in England, the United States and Germany). After cleansing the wound, you can spread the honey over your cuts, scrapes or surface burns like a cream with a clean compress or a soft edge spatula.