14 tips for travelling calmly with a dog

14 tips for travelling calmly with a dog
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We love them so much that we couldn’t imagine being separated from them -even to go on holidays. And what a pleasure to imagine their joy on discovering new places and going for walks in a new environment! But for dogs, just like us, the journey can be tiring and difficult, even if some dogs want nothing more than to go with you on your car journeys! Other dogs, by contrast, seem to get anxious at the idea of having to get into a car. Whatever the case is with your dog, you need to be prepared in order to ensure a smooth trip. The following tips will help out on car journeys, but also for other short journeys in daily life, for which things can be made easier. 

1) Get them used to the car

Tip #1: Get Your Dog Used To Your Car

If you never take your dog in the car with you, it will be difficult to know how they are going to react. Every dog is different and has their own personality, and therefore it is impossible to plan for their reactions in new situations. If they have never been on the road before, take them with you on a few short journeys and judge their reaction. If they seem panicked, change their place in the car, or give them a toy to improve their spirits.

2) Don’t leave without all their papers

Tip #2: Bring Their Rabies Vaccination Records

Wherever you go, you may need your dog’s licence or health certificates. Also give a look over their vaccines to make sure they are all up to date and that they won’t have any problems once you arrive.

3) Take a photo of them before leaving

Tip #3: Photograph Your Dog Before The Trip

If your dog runs off in an area they are not familiar with, it is important to be able to identify them and find them again as quickly as possible. It is therefore important that your dog has a collar with up-to-date contact information for you. In addition, take a recent, good quality photo of them with you, which will be a big help if you run into any problems.

4) Keep their special food and water within arm’s reach

Tip #4: Bring A Portable Water Bowl And Plenty Of Food

This might seem obvious, but yes… an animal needs to stay hydrated while on the road. Remember to bring a bowl that is easy to transport and that won’t get broken en route, and that you can easily refill. The dog food should also be in a handy sachet so that you can feed them while you stop the car to stretch. Try to keep them in their usual feeding routine, to help reduce the stress linked with the trip for them.

5) Make a comfortable corner in the car for them

Tip #5: Make Their Crate Or Seat Comfortable

A soft, cosy corner is important for your dog to be able to relax, and this could help the most anxious travellers. If you have a travel cage, don’t forget the comfort aspect, and take them out regularly to stretch their paws and enjoy the journey. In any case, don’t let them move around everywhere and anywhere in the car during the trip. It is better that they stay in their corner for all of your safety.

6) Remember to bring their favourite toy(s)

Tip #6: Bring Along A Favorite Toy

The objects they love will help remind them of home, as they smell like home and bring comfort in a new environment or in the car. This could be a good way of helping to calm them down. A nice new exciting toy could also provide a welcome distraction.

7) Be prepared for dirt

Tip #7: Pack Some Rags For Messes

In the case of a problem, it is good to be prepared to remove stains or wipe away dirt, or even clean up poop in the case of an accident. Especially if the next place to pull in is several kilometers away, and you have nothing to clean up with. Bring some wipes or cloths just in case. You can wash or throw away the lot at the next stop or at your destination.