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Lots of corks lying around? 14 handy tips to use old corks

handy tips using old corks
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Lots of corks lying around? 14 handy tips to use old corks
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If you drink wine regularly (or occasionally) and enjoy crafty pursuits, here are some tips that will be right up your street! You’ll discover that you can use corks for loads of surprising everyday purposes.  When your bottle of wine has, we regret to say, finished, it can still have many uses up it’s sleeve.  Read on to discover top 14 tips to use your old corks! 

Good to know: So that you can cut up your corks more easily, begin by boiling your corks in a pan of water for a few minutes.

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1) Fed up of earphones lying around? Make your own storage system for your hand bag with a little slit to keep the cable in place.


2) Another tip for technology. Remove a section of the cork so that you can place your telephone.

Handy for watching videos without having to hold your phone.

Video screenshot Hometalk
Video screenshot: Hometalk

3) This handy system means you’ll never burn your hands again when lifting the lid of the pan!


4) Perfect place for storing your needles !