14 clever tips for dealing with shoes that smell

14 clever tips for dealing with shoes that smell
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The most delicate among us speak modestly of “unpleasant odours”, while others simply say it out straight: “smelly feet”. Objectively, we can’t blame our feet for smelling bad, when we think of what we subject them to. It’s one of the areas in the body that sweats the most, as we find almost 250,000 sweat glands in the sole of the foot. We spend all day in shoes that aren’t always ideal for walking or doing exercise. The cocktail of sweat and bacteria that follows creates bad smells… and stinks up our life!!

Removing our shoes in front of other people therefore becomes a nightmare. We can also dislike putting on smelly shoes, when we come out of the shower all clean and fragrant. In short, you can wash your feet, and put your socks in the machine, but what about your shoes? Here are 14 quick and easy solutions for smelly shoes.

1) A peppermint spray (or a few drops of peppermint essential oil) is often enough to have shoes smelling fresh again.

Credits : congerdesign / Pixabay

2) If your shoes are damp, start by slipping some newspaper inside them to absorb the humidity (and with it, the majority of the smells).

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3) Placing dryer sheets in your shoes at night will freshen them for the following morning.

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4) Tea-lovers will be happy to know that as well as making a great hot drink, tea can deodorise shoes.

Just slip a tea bag into each shoe.

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5) You can wash your shoes in the dishwasher. This unorthodox technique will have your shoes as good as new.

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6) A machine wash will also restore them, but make sure to put them in a net!

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7) A coffee filter filled with baking soda will work wonders on your shoes. Leave this in your shoes at least overnight.

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