13 remedies to combat verrucas

13 remedies to combat verrucas
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Even though for now, our feet are hidden comfortably in big shoes and thick socks, the spring and summer heat will soon arrive. Before then, you have time to treat your verrucas to show off your feet with pride and avoid giving it to other people.

1) Pig ointment

Not a cream from our favourite farm animal but an indispensable product to help you fight against verrucas. Available to purchase online

2) Glue

On clean feet, apply the liquid glue which is water washable, NOT superglue! Apply your water based glue onto your verruca. Then place a plaster on top so that the verruca does not grow and can’t breath, as well as avoiding getting glue everywhere. Repeat morning and night, until it disappears (around 2 weeks)

3) Lemon

An untreated lemon peel soaked for 48 hours in a vinegar cup can surprise you. Applied on the verruca and held in place with plaster, the lemon skin will seal the wart.

4) Celandine 

Break the stem and apply the juice on the wart every other day.

5) Banana 

On the skin peel, take away some of the white and add it onto your wart, keeping it in place with a plaster/strapping. Change the plaster everyday.

6) Salt

After your shower in the evening, rub your verruca with some large salt crystals for a few minutes. To be repeated every evening until it is completely disappeared.

7) Sellotape

For a few weeks, wear some Sellotape on your verruca. Exfoliate your feet with a stone scrub once a week and watch the verruca disappear.

8) Shea Butter

Thanks to its regenerating properties, it treats your warts smoothly every night.

9)White vinegar and lily

Soak the lily in vinegar then press onto your wart held with strapping

10) Magnesium chloride 

This natural disinfectant diluted in water can work wonders.

11) Onion

Cut half an onion and rub it onto your verruca for a few minutes. To be tested over the course of a few days.

12) Garlic

Crush the garlic and apply it onto your verruca every night. Use a plaster to keep in place. Repeat until it disappears.

13) Potato

Rub the raw potato against your verruca twice a day. It can take about 2 weeks to disappear.

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