12 ways to re-use old newspapers

12 ways to re-use old newspapers
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Once you have read them, you find yourself with a pile of old newspapers that you never know what to do with. Of course you can recycle them, but you can also re-use them in original ways. Here are a few ideas….

1) To fight against bad odours, line the base of your vegetable tray with newspaper.

Thanks to the newspaper, there will be no more unpleasant odours and the moisture will be absorbed.

Credits : Pxhere

2) Clean your windows with newspaper and wipe them afterwards with dry newspaper. The results will be perfect.

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3) Place some old newspaper at the base of your bin to absorb moisture and odours.


4) Newspaper helps conserve certain fruits and vegetables, while it ripens others  more quickly.


Newspaper helps conserve pears, apples and potatoes. But if you have an avocado or tomatoes that are not ripe enough, you can wrap them in newspaper to ripen them more quickly.

5) Stretch out your shoes by stuffing them with damp newspaper. Allow the newspaper to dry inside in them.

Credits: Pixabay / Couleur

6) Put dry newspaper into your shoes to absorb moisture.


7) Make moving house easier and prevent breakages by wrapping fragile objects in newspaper.

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Wrap it around the objects and fill up the empty spaces in your boxes with balls of newspaper.

8) Protect certain areas (such as the floors) or objects when you are painting.

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9) Old newspaper can work as gift wrap if you have nothing else to hand.

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10) Put it into your boots to help them keep their shape.

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11) Pick up broken glass and wrap the shards without cutting yourself, using several sheets of newspaper.

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12) Get creative.

Des Idées
Credits: Des Idées

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