12 tips to babyproof your home

12 tips to babyproof your home
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Babies feel the need to touch and taste everything without stopping. This is what allows them to discover the world. It only takes little tricks to ensure their safety. Here are 12 tips to know if you have a baby or you are babysitting. Obviously, nothing replaces surveillance, but one can never be too careful!

1) A piece of noodle on the door will ensure that no fingers will get caught in the frame.


2) Use an elastic band to stop a toddler or even a cat from having fun by unrolling the loo roll.

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3) Here are 3 great ideas to prevent your toddler from escaping out of their crib

Remove the bed base so that the height of the bars are higher.


It might not be so aesthetically pleasing but turn the cot around so that the higher side is facing outwards. It makes it harder for them to get out.


Sew a piece of elastic between their trouser/ baby grow legs. This will prevent them from being able to climb up furniture.


4) If your floor slips, paint patterns on children’s socks with 3d puff paint to get funny and non-slip socks. If you have a glue gun, you can do the same!

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