12 Super practical uses for clear nail varnish

12 Super practical uses for clear nail varnish
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Clear nail varnish was designed for the final top coat on our nails to seal the colour, protect it and give it a shine. However it has lots of other uses which you may not know about, for DIY, to protect and even heal! Here are 12 tricks and uses for your transparent nail varnish.

1) For ladders in tights

Apply the varnish on top the top and bottom of the ladder, leave it to dry. This will prevent the ladder getting bigger.

2) To seal writing

Applying clear nail varnish will prevent writing on your labels, animal name collars etc. from rubbing off. For example, on your make up brushes or products. If you cover the product code in varnish, the text won’t rub off for when you want to buy it again.

3) Make sure buttons don’t fall off

By dabbing a little onto the middle of the button ontop of the thread, you will be sure that they button doesn’t fall off. Also paint the end of your laces so that they don’t fray.

4) On jewelry and accessories

Prevent your costume jewelry from rubbing onto your skin and changing colour. Paint a thin layer of varnish to preserve the colour of the metal and prevent rust. If your fake diamonds needs a bit of sparkle add a little clear nail varnish. A little varnish added to the top of your belt buckle will make it shine for longer.

5) Against rust

You can apply it onto little scratches on your car to prevent rust forming. Simple and easy. You can even use it to fill a windscreen crack as a temporary solution!

6) Homemade nail varnish
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Using a nail varnish in the colour of your choice, mix it with some clear nail varnish to create your own colour.


You can also add sparkle to your nails by painting your nails clear and dipping it in glitter whilst the varnish is wet.

7) A sealed envelope.

If you want to close and envelope that is important, use some varnish to seal it shut for added security.

8) Matches resistant to water

Whilst camping or at a picnic, you never know what can happen. Your matches might get damp. To make waterproof maches, dip them into nail varnish.

9) To eat less salt

Apply some nail varnish to your salt grinder to make less holes, so that less salt comes out everytime!

10) Tighter screws

To tighten little screws, for example of sunglasses and to make sure they don’t come out, add a little touch of nail varnish.

11)Against verrucas

Apply the varnish onto your verruca to suffocate it. It will soon disappear.

12) A jab that stings.

Apply a little varnish onto a injection mark to make it hurt less and stop you from scratching. (not to be done on scabs, or open wounds.=

Source : DIYNCrafts