11 surprising things you can wash in the dishwasher

11 surprising things you can wash in the dishwasher
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6) Have you just picked a huge quantity of potatoes from your garden? A spin in the dishwasher will clean them all at once. Simples!

7) A few bathroom utensils can also benefit from a quick blast

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This includes makeup sponges and brushes (but don’t set the heat too high so as not to melt the glue that keeps the bristles stuck) or even hairbrushes and combs (but not ones made from wood, bone or mother of pearl). With hair brushes or combs, simply remove the hairs beforehand.

If you would like to wash your hair ties, place them in a laundry net.

8) There are plenty household objects you can place in the dish racks: vacuum cleaner filters, shower heads and tap fittings, tools and even lampshades!

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9) The dishwasher will both clean and disinfect your children’s toys

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Be careful with dolls whose hair could get tangled. If you wash babies’ soothers in the machine, don’t add any detergent.


10) Put your fridge shelves or drawers in the dishwasher for rapid cleaning and disinfecting

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11) De-grease the knobs on the cooker that are covered in cooking oil, or even door or press handles.

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And while we’re talking about objects that we handle endlessly, consider also cleaning your keys using the same technique!


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