11 ingenious uses for deodorant

11 ingenious uses for deodorant
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Can you feel it? Summer is here, and with it perspiration is stomping in with its big smelly boots. And while we are stocking up on deodorant to combat its triumphant return, we are grateful that it has saved us from the shame of huge sweat patches or emitting less than fragrant odours up to now. So why shouldn’t such a great product be able to save us in other ways? Here are a few alternative uses for your deodorant, other than for your armpits!

1) Are you out of primer or a base for your makeup?


Apply a very small amount of deodorant to the areas that tend to get shiny, and apply your makeup as normal. Your foundation will stay on and your skin will stay matte.

2) On a bite from a mosquito or other animal


Dab a little deodorant on a mosquito bite to relieve itching and irritation.

3) A problem that only women understand


Your bra can be a real heat trap, and most of the summer (or just hot days in general) can get a little uncomfortable. Apply some deodorant where your bra meets the skin, to limit sweating.

4) An emergency solution for removing nail varnish


If you don’t have nail varnish remover to hand, soak your nails in hot water and spray them with deodorant, or spray it on to some cotton wool to remove the evidence of your three week old manicure.

5) For keeping your sunglasses in place


With the heat, sunglasses slip and slide annoyingly down your nose. To prevent this from happening, a little deodorant on the relevant areas will keep it dry.