10 ways to use basil to improve your health

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10 ways to use basil to improve your health
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In keeping with our recent article on the health benefits of various herbs, today we have an article especially dedicated to basil. As well as smelling incredibly good and working fantastically in dishes (coupling especially well with tomato), basil is good for our health in many ways.

It is a herb that we know makes an excellent natural sedative and which reduces anxiety. What’s more, it has antibacterial properties which can help us recover from many ailments. Here are some of the best.

1) To combat stomach cramps, colic and to reduce flatulence

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To ease these symptoms, drink an infusion made from 5 g of fresh basil leaves, which you boil in a cupful of water. To fight against more persistent cramps or colic, infuse 5 leaves of basil and a few drops of lemon.

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2) Put an end to mouth infections, little cuts in the mouth and bad breath

Mix 100 g of dried basil leaves in 1 litre of water and gargle with this mixture.

3) Fight stress and soothe your nervous system

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Make a mixture comprised of a spoon of thyme and a spoon of basil, and add it all to 500 mls of boiling water. Leave it to cool for fifteen minutes, allowing it to infuse. Strain it before drinking and add honey for a sweeter, more pleasant taste.

4) Effectively treat sore throats and coughs

We advise that you gargle with an infusion made from 15 g of basil leaves and flowers in a litre of water.

If you have a cough, we advise that you mix 20 g of basil in 1 litre of water and leave it to infuse for 10 minutes. Drink this mixture 3 times a day with meals.

5) A relaxing bath after a long, grueling day

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Infuse around 50 basil leaves in 1 litre of water. Add this to your bath water to increase its relaxation properties. After the bath, you will feel calmer.