10 tips and tricks to eliminate plaque naturally

10 tips and tricks to eliminate plaque naturally
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Tartar is a plaque of bacteria that settles and accumulates on your enamel. It is important to avoid tartar hardening to avoid gingivitis or an expensive trip to your dentist and prevent dull teeth. 

Stay with us if you want to discover the causes and natural solutions against tartar!

1) Causes of plaque

  • A diet too rich in sugar, acid, bad fats will encourage the appearance of tartar, eat more fruits and vegetables!
  • Poor hygiene is not the main cause of tartar deposition but nevertheless remains largely responsible. Brush your teeth properly 3 times a day
  • Coffee, black tea and tobacco also contribute to the accumulation of bacteria on your enamel.
source : DRosenbach
source : DRosenbach

2) Why is plaque not good for the health?

In addition to not being aesthetic, plaque can lead to inflammation of the gum, that is to say a gingivitis which can lead to teeth shrinking!

3)  Foods to eat

source : flickr
source : flickr


  • Raw fruits and vegetables are highly recommended, partly apples and green leaf foods such as arugula, chard, spinach …
  • Sesame is recommended for its calcium content.
  • Stevia is a very beneficial food for our teeth, this plant acts as a natural sweetener.
  • Sea water is a great way to help you wash and strengthen your enamel, it is a remineralizing and alkaline supplement.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 applied when the plaque has gingivitis.
  • White clay improves the pH of our mouth and brings alkalies to our body (used orally).

4) Mouth washes

Practicing a mouthwash with sunflower oil (or sesame) allows both to clean your teeth, to evacuate the toxins and to make a deep clean in the mouth. These mouthwashes are recommended in case of yellowing of the teeth, oral infection, plaque, gum problem or weakened teeth.

5) Charcoal


Excellent way to whiten your teeth naturally, charcoal is also known to prevent diseases of the mouth. These can be purchased from health food stores or herbalistq. Brush your teeth with it for 2 minutes, the black color can put you off but your teeth will be much whiter following this advice!

6) Bicarbonate of Soda

To prevent acidity and make your teeth whiten, baking soda is another great way. Practice brushing teeth with baking soda no more than twice a month as this attacks the enamel of your teeth.

7) Hydrogen peroxide

Add 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide to your toothbrush no more than once a week and your teeth will whiten sharply.

8) Granny’s tips:

  • Brush your teeth a minimum of 2 times a day (after the meals) and this during 2 to 3 minutes, insist on the molars.
  • Avoid toothpastes with aggressive pH for your teeth and prefer an ecological and natural toothpaste.
  • Before bedtime, consider removing leftover foods between your teeth using a dental floss.
  • Also practice a regular mouthwash
  • If you think that scaling and cleaning would be helpful (about 1 time per year) consult a dentist.

Source : amelioresante