10 simple and practical tips to avoid food waste

10 simple and practical tips to avoid food waste
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There are more and more people starting to find ways to avoid food waste. The advantage is that we can reuse things that we may have previously been too quick to throw out, and now use things up completely, not wasting so much as a crumb… A great way to get value for money too! Here are 10 truly ingenious tips for how to reuse common food products. 

1) Vegetable peel

Credits: Diligent / Wikimedia Commons

The skin of vegetables is full of nutrients, and you can reuse it if your vegetables are organic (meaning the skin is not packed with pesticides). After a good wash, you can make tarts, use them to make a cheese bake, or even use them to make crisps (for example, by adding a few spices), cooking them at 180° after having coated them in olive oil.

However, note that by cooking them, they lose some of their nutritional value. If you would prefer not to do this, add them to your compost heap, or have another look at our article on how to recycle potato skins.

Credits: gate74 / Pixabay