10 most relaxing types of massage

10 most relaxing types of massage
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September can be a stressful time. Getting the kids back to school, getting back into your own routine, the depression of being back from holidays or just the idea of facing into shorter evenings and colder weather. You surely need a massage to relax you! You may also be going for other reasons of course, such as to relieve pain, for general well-being or as a spiritual experience. However, there are so many types of massage available these days that it can be difficult to choose! Between modern and ancient techniques, basic massages or unique new styles -not all types will suit everyone. Here is a selection of 10 types of massage that work wonders every time. 

1) Amma massage

Credits : Baraoxygene / Wikimedia Commons

This is a very relaxing type of massage that generally doesn’t take very long. We find it increasingly available in busy areas such as shopping centres and airports, and the best thing is that you can keep your clothes on. It is therefore perfect for people with very busy lifestyles, or for the very modest! You sit on a specialised massage chair and soon are overcome with a sense of wellbeing. Many overstretched employees take advantage of this during their lunch breaks!

2) Ayurvedic massage

Credits : rhythmuswege / Pixabay

This gentle Indian classic is supposed to stimulate the 7 chakras. Edible oils are often used and the massage is mainly concentrated on the back (which is perfect if you have back pain). And just as it has benefits in terms of energy boosting and finding equilibrium, it also helps those who suffer from insomnia or who have difficulty concentrating. It also improves blood circulation, which never does any harm! Depending on the person, the massage can be adapted in terms of speed and pressure, according to your needs and preferences.

3) Balinese massage

Credits : ElvisClooth / Pixabay

This massage is among the most exotic, because it is derived from a mix of cultures and a number of styles of massage. It is energising and bracing and requires a good quality oil. It is both gentle and intense at the same time and is therefore great for getting out knots in the muscles. Very effective for post exercise muscle stiffness.

4) Californian massage

Credits : Mariolh / Pixabay

This gentle massage is one of the gentlest and it is one of the most popular and widespread massages available. It is considered a classic and can be a great introduction to massage for novices. It is very soothing thanks to its long fluid movements and strokes, and is therefore perfect for someone who really needs to relax, recentre and and simply focus on themselves. We bet you’ll be asleep before the end of it!

5) Lomi lomi massage (or Hawaiian massage)

Credits : giuseppeblu / Pixabay

This exotic massage is as good for the body as it is for the spirit, because it is inspired by the Hawaiian “Huna” philosophy, in which all things are connected. The practitioner bases their work on love, respect and focus on the client, in search of love and harmony. It is not only a massage intended to relax you but also to promote meditation. The touch is warm and the movements are long and fluid. What’s more, it treats two areas at the same time and is sometimes completed by two masseuses at once. This type of massage is particularly interesting but is not very widely known.

6) Reflexology

Credits : dkochli / Pixabay

This type of massage is very well known and involves the stimulation of certain zones like the extremities or energy points, which correspond with various organs in Chinese medicine. This may suit people who are interested in doing their own massages, because it is relatively easy and doesn’t take too much time. The selling point for this type of massage is that it is targeted on the specific needs of the patient if necessary (sleep problems, stress, pains in certain areas, etc.), but it can also have a global focus in the patient doesn’t have any specific requirements.

7) Sensual massage

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This type of massage includes many varieties, but all stimulate all 5 senses. It is sometimes the case that the masseuse or the client are unclothed. It is often derived from the Californian massage and requires a lot of oil, to facilitate gentle movements. As you may suspect, such massages suit people who want to spice up their relationships, or who would like a more balanced sex life.

8) Shiatsu massage

Credits : Centro Culturale Khatawat / Flickr

As the name suggests, this is a Japanese technique based on the application of pressure to the body with the hands or fingers. It re-balances the energy flow and releases any energy blockages. It is recommended in the case of pain in the lumbar spine but is also good for people lacking energy, who have trouble sleeping or who have various ailments, aches and pains (headaches, insomnia, sinusitis, intestinal disorders, respiratory difficulties, etc.).

9) Swedish massage

This type of massage is just like we imagine Scandinavians to be: energetic and efficient. This famous sports massage works on the deep muscle fibres, through a mix of diverse techniques (kneading, friction, vibration or shaking, etc.). The massage is divided into a number of phases which often start gently with sliding or gliding movements, and move on to deeply kneading the muscles to work more and more deeply. It is excellent for combating stress and anxiety, but also for warming up and relaxing painful muscles. In fact, this type of massage is as good for the spirit as it is for the body.

10) Thaï massage

Credits : Tara Angkor Hotel / Wikimedia Commons

This type of massage is generally not done on a table, but on a futon, and it encapsulates the whole body. It is as preventative as it is therapeutic and promotes flexibility, while also relieving nervous tension and worry. It can be very vigorous and energetic and the client may not feel the benefits of the massage immediately. However, such massages are good for energy levels, and range of motion is improved afterwards.

As we said earlier, there is such a wide range of massage techniques that you are bound to find the one for you!