10 new clever uses for washing up liquid

10 new clever uses for washing up liquid
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When we’re not giving you clever tips for unusual ways to use your washing up liquid, we’re offering ways to make your own low cost version. And if we suggest other ways to use it, it’s because we simply couldn’t get by without it in daily life! Washing up liquid is a powerful ally for doing the dishes by hand, and it’s also a great everyday degreaser. Today, we have 10 surprising new ways to use this everyday prodigy product.  

1) Effectively wash the floors

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Add two good tablespoons of washing up liquid to a bucket of hot water (but no more, so that the floors don’t become slippy). It is the ideal solution for vinyl or tile floors, and you are sure to love the results in the kitchen and the bathroom.

However, do not wash a large wooden floor with this soapy water (unless you like the “warped wood” effect, which we very much doubt….).

2) For garden furniture

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Use a bowl of hot water with a few drops of washing up liquid added to make a perfect cleaner for PVC chairs and tables. To rinse off, take the easy way out: a blast of your garden hose and leave it to dry in the sunshine.

And the little “extra” with this technique? It also works for PVC windows or kitchen doors. So why not try it?

3) Wash a comb or hairbrush


You can find dandruff, oils and other dirt building up between the bristles of your hairbrush, as well as traces of hair products and dry shampoo. To clean it effectively, put the brush or comb into a bowl of lukewarm water, to which you have added a few drops of washing up liquid.

4) Wash your brushes

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You can also use this product on your makeup brushes or your paint brushes if you like. It’s a very effective solution.

For your makeup brushes, you can mix a measure of washing up liquid with a little shampoo to clean the hairs and keep them soft. Another good technique involves putting a little washing up liquid on a plate, dampening the bristles with water, and rubbing the brush all over the plate, making circular and back and forward motions.

5) Keep flies away

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Think you can’t catch flies with vinegar? Really? Try pouring a little vinegar into a container and adding a few drops of washing up liquid. The vinegar will attract the flies, and the washing up liquid will keep them prisoner.