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Why you should put aspirin in your washing machine

Why you should put aspirin in your washing machine
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White clothes are a summer must have. It’s true: white clothes are often lighter than other colours, and they can look great against tanned skin! But despite all our best efforts to take care of our whites, their immaculate shining brightness can quickly become a thing of the past. This tip will help you ensure your whites stay white, and don’t turn suspiciously yellow or take on a dull grey. Discover our easy way to restore your whites with a little aspirin. No more headaches! 

What you need:

  • 5 aspirin tablets (325 mg)
  • Hot water (7.5 litres)
  • A basin

What to do:

1) Cut the tablets up small so that they will dissolve faster.

2) Put them in the water and wait for them to dissolve.

3) Immerse your clothes fully and leave them for 8 hours or more, or simply leave them overnight.

You can also put the aspirin directly into the washing machine, but it will dissolve more effectively if you soak it!

The results:

Source : Jill Nystul from OneGoodThingbyJillee

Granny’s bonus tip: You can remove blood stains using the same technique, and leaving it for two hours. But use cold water instead. In fact, hot water is not recommended for blood stains, because they contain proteins that can be activated once in contact with the hot water. It’s therefore to be avoided unless you want the stain to be even more stubborn!