Ladies, this is why you should always pee after sex

Ladies, this is why you should always pee after sex
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Going for a pee after sex is essential for feminine hygiene. It fights against infections, as after sex, bacteria have a tendency to accumulate in the urethra, and can move into the bladder, causing serious infections. 


We are talking about unprotected sex here, because a condom can protect against these bacteria, or at least the most of them. It is still advised to go for a quick trip to the toilet all the same, a maximum of 3/4 of an hour after your roll in the sheets.

Feminine care after sex:

It is particularly important that women go to the toilet after lovemaking, because by contrast with men, they generally don’t ejaculate. Therefore the only way to eliminate bacteria is by urinating. It is important to know that you have up to 45 minutes after the act, which gives you plenty of time for pillow talk! These little habits are extremely important, as they can help you avoid recurrent urinary infections or fungal infections. If you don’t feel the urge to pee, don’t worry, but take the time to give it a try anyway.

Masculine care after sex:

For men, it is important to give a rinse with water, especially in the area of the glands and the foreskin. Male ejaculation generally protects them from risk of infection, so if they give a quick wash, it is not for them but for their partner. Because after lovemaking, certain bacteria such as candida can stay around the penis area. If it is not washed, these bacteria can multiply near the foreskin and can be transmitted during the next sexual encounter, putting their partner at risk of a fungal infection.

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