8 tips for wearing high heels without pain!

8 tips for wearing high heels without pain!
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Are you a little on the short side and need a bit of height to boost you? Or do you simply appreciate the elegance of a pair of high heels? But sadly, do you avoid buying them? The problem, as always, is blisters, pain and all the little niggles that are caused by a magnificent pair of stilettos. However, every problem has a solution! In this article, you can discover 8 tips to relieve pain in your feet! No longer will you have to deny yourself the treat of pretty feet!

1/ Always buy heels a half size bigger than your regular shoe size. In this way, you can slip what we are about to talk about in number 2 into your shoes!

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2/ Slip a pair of silicone insoles into your shoes to relieve and reduce pain, and to take the pressure off when things get serious! There are several different types: anti-slip, pain relieving, anti-shock, etc…..

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3/ Put a little talc in your heels and sandals. Talc will keep your feet dry and prevent them from sweating. And less sweating means less irritation!

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4/ Consider putting a little soap or moisturiser in your shoes. This will protect your feet, as there is less unpleasant rubbing.

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5/ Rather than waiting until your feet are already cut or blistered, try putting band aids on any area that you think is likely to get sore. This will protect your feet.

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6/ When you are shopping for shoes, it is always better to buy them at the end of the day. Quite simply your feet are more swollen at the end of the day, because of the heat and having spent all day walking. At the end of the day, you know exactly whether shoes will be comfortable on you or not.

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7/ Don’t drive in your heels! As well as being dangerous, it is really not comfortable, so let your feet off the hook if you have a lot of driving to do! If your feet get really sore, don’t be tempted to take off your shoes -even for 2 seconds. It will be almost impossible to put them back on!

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8/ Remember that it is better to choose leather shoes, in which you will sweat less than in standard shoes. Wedges are also a great way of wearing heels without too  much suffering.

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