30 hacks that all parents need to know!

30 hacks that all parents need to know!
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Discover the best clever tips and hacks to keep your kids safe, secure and happy, and become a SuperParent in their eyes. 

1/ Make an ‘anti-monster’ spray

Fill an empty spray bottle with water and decorate it with loads of little pictures of  monsters. Tell your child that it’s an anti-monster spray and leave it with them at night. In this way, they will have no more fear of the dark.


2/ A mini swimming pool at the beach

Bring a plastic table cloth to the beach. Dig a hole, slide the table cloth into it and fill it with water. This will make a mini swimming pool for children, making it safer for them to play in the water.

3/ If you have forgotten a birthday…

If, for some reason or other, you managed to forget your child’s birthday, celebrate their “year and a half” day instead.

4/ Make healthy crisps

If your children love crisps, make healthy ones instead of store bought ones, and they won’t even realise the difference. Cut vegetables or fruit into thin strips and bake them in the oven. In this way,  your children can enjoy their favourite snack in good health!

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5/ How to get them to take their medication

Mix their meds with a sweet or a drink they like. It will be much easier to encourage them to take them!