16 brand new uses for cling film!

16 brand new uses for cling film!
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Cling film or cellophane is a kitchen essential for covering food or helping in meal preparation. However, you may not know it, but it can also be useful in countless other ways. Read on to find out how!

1/ To protect your smartphone at the beach. Wrap it in cling film to protect it from sand and water!

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2/ If you cover the stalks of bananas with cling film, they will keep for longer.

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3/ If you are moving house and your drawers are full, wrap them in several layers of clingfilm. That way, you know that they won’t empty out during the move.

4/ When you are going on holidays, you can wrap your clothes in cling film before leaving. They will be protected and take up less space.

5/ To stop an open pot of paint from drying out, all you have to do is slip a sheet of clingfilm between the pot and the cover.

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6/ To make it easier to keep your fridge clean, you can cover the shelves in cling film to protect them.

7/ Cling film can be a handy way to remove blackheads. You simple have to take a little vaseline or moisturiser and apply it to your nose. Then place some cling film over it, and cover everything with a hot towel. Allow it to work for a few minutes and remove everything. With the aid of a tissue, press on your nose to squeeze out all the pesky blackheads!

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8/  To decorate your walls, you only have to rub a small ball of clingfilm over fresh paint! You can create original and beautiful designs.