15 tips to make getting up easier in the mornings

15 tips to make getting up easier in the mornings
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Getting up early in the morning isn’t always easy! Sometimes, even after having slept well, it is difficult to extract yourself from your bed. To help you become more of a morning creature, discover these 15 tips!

1/ Monitor your energy levels in general

Sometimes, even if we get enough hours of shut-eye and our sleep was restful, we lack energy. It could be worth consulting a doctor, who may prescribe magnesium to help you feel better in general.

2/ Eat enough, and eat healthily

It is important to be conscious of what you eat. Eating too much before bedtime will disturb your sleep. But it is also essential not to skip any meals during the day and to remember to eat foods rich in fibre.

3/ Make mornings something to look forward to

Knowing that you’re going to eat a nice breakfast, and that you will have the time to relax and look after yourself before going to work, is a great motivator to get you out of bed.


4/ Don’t take long sleep-ins

In fact, our bodies are calibrated to a rhythm. Getting up early during the week and sleeping in very late during your days off stops your body from developing a regular rhythm, making it more difficult for you to get up early during the working week.


5/ Sleep with the blinds open

Waking up by natural sunlight is a great way of getting up early, giving you a gentle awakening and putting you in good form for the day.

6/ Set yourself goals for the following day

Before going to sleep, set your goals for the following day, to give yourself a few good reasons to get out of bed.

7/ Set only one alarm

Avoid programming 3 or 4 alarms one after the other -in this way you have no choice but to get up if you don’t want to risk sleeping in.