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11 tips to go back to sleep when you wake in the night

11 tips to go back to sleep when you wake in the night
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Insomnia is a common and recurrent problem experienced by many people. The most important thing to remember is to try not to go to bed even earlier the following night, or to take a nap after having slept badly the night before. In fact, you run the risk of throwing your sleep cycles out of kilter, and the situation will only get worse. To help you fall asleep again more quickly if you wake in the night, discover these invaluable tips. 

1/ Avoid thinking about things that worry you

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When we have trouble sleeping, we often start worrying about what the following day might bring, leading us to toss and turn. As a result, we are irritable all the following day, and start worrying in advance about how difficult the coming night is going to be. These thoughts lead us into a vicious cycle that can lead to insomnia. Avoid putting pressure on yourself by thinking about how badly you need to go back to sleep, and avoid making the situation worse by looking at the time (which is to be avoided at all costs). Simply accept your difficulty with staying asleep or the fact that your night is interspersed with times when you can’t sleep.

If you can’t manage to think about something else instead, enjoy a little escapism, by reading a book on a light subject, which will reduce your stress and increase the chances of a prompt return to sleep.

2/ Avoid exposure to light

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Avoid any sources of light, but particularly the light from screens which can stimulate you and awaken you fully, meaning it will take you even longer to go back to sleep. In fact, the blue lights emitted from computer screens and phones are very bad for sleep.

3/ Invest in a night light

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If you have to get up to get a drink, don’t put on the light. The best thing is to completely avoid light sources, which may awaken you fully. If you wake regularly during the night, consider putting a small night light in another room before you go to sleep, so that if you need to get up during the night you can use this gentle light to guide you.

4/ If you have to turn on a light

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It’s hard to avoid turning on the light when you go to the toilet, especially when you’re only half awake, and at risk of bumping into things. The tip is to keep one eye closed, because if both eyes see the light, your brain is going to think it is time to get up, making it even harder to fall asleep again after. By keeping one eye closed, it will be easier to fall back to sleep, because your brain will still be accustomed to the semi-darkness.