11 ingenious uses for deodorant

11 ingenious uses for deodorant
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6) On your hands


A little stress on the day of a job interview is par for the course! To avoid having clammy paws when you go to shake the hand of your future employer, apply a little deodorant to your palms. Leave to dry do make sure your hands are not sticky.

7) Add a little freshness to your home


In front of the vents, leave an open stick of deodorant, so that it gently releases its clean fragrance.

8) Freshen up your presses and drawers


Despite the work of the best possible detergent, that clean smell never stays very long in your clothes. To ensure long-lasting freshness, leave some deodorant without the lid in your press or drawer.

9) On a pimple


Apply deodorant to a spot or pimple to dry it out.

10) Suffer no more in your shoes!


Apply deodorant to strategic areas to reduce rubbing. Perfect for heels or ballerina slippers that can be hard on the Achilles tendon.

11) Soothe irritated skin after shaving your legs


Apply deodorant to the area for rapid relief.

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